Why Hire Us As Your Website Developer?

The demand for professional website design and web development is very high. Getting a website developed by an experienced and professional website developer is very important. However, with so many cheap freelance website developers out there, those who want to get a website developed hesitate from hiring a website development company. Hiring freelance website developers might be cheaper than using a website development company, but the truth is that they are not as seem as they appear to be. There are quite a few reasons why it is better to spend a bit more to hire an experienced and professional website development company than trying to save money by hiring a cheap amateur. By hiring a website development company, not only can the best quality results be obtained, but money can also be saved in the long run.

Why Use An Experienced Website Development Company Instead Of A Cheap Freelancer?

Unlike cheap freelancers, professional website development companies take a fluid approach to responsive website development. They combine this with choices of various dynamic website platforms so that websites that need to be developed are optimized for all devices, from desktop to mobile phones. Web development companies have a team that develops, tests, maintains and continuously monitors the websites. Websites developed by these companies are always on a dedicated, secure hosting platform, so they have complete control of hosting. Often, new technology is added by them as soon as it becomes available.

Experienced website development companies always have a comprehensively strong tradition of thinking outside of the box and developing proven creative strategies. Cheap freelance website developers are often not as creative with a similar experience. As a result of such strategies and think, brand-awareness is built and measureable results are produced for those who get their website developed by website development companies. Website develop companies have their own web designer, marketer, programmer, SEO, social and traditional media specialists, and writers, who are all unmatched in skill set and talent.

Perhaps some cheap freelancer developers may have talent, but it is nothing unless combined with experience, and website development companies possess this unbeatable combination. Most web development companies have been designing and developing websites for many years, perhaps ever since the Internet became an information super highway. Most website development companies take pride in this longevity and in their reputation as early adapters of emerging technology. Many website development companies offer local businesses with affordable websites that are data driven with content management systems.

A wide variety of industries, including both commercial and non-profit ones, are represented by a professional website developer. These website development companies have a diverse portfolio of clients who chose them because of the fresh perspective they provide and they think outside of the “industry box”.

A major factor that often sets website development companies apart from cheap freelance developers is t hat their dedicated hosting platform is located in a large and very secure data center in the country. Moreover, they ensure continual running and stability of websites developed by them by mirroring their dedicated hosting platform in multiple geographic locations. Their servers are fully PCI compliant, ensuring the highest level of security, and are monitored 24/7.

When a professional website development company is hired, far more than the experience and talents of the company becomes accessible. Along with being website development companies, they are also communications, digital marketing and website design companies with a much broader view. Blogging, email marketing, flash development, mobile phone apps, online marketing, online shopping, social network marketing, search engine optimization and more may also be included in their capabilities. Their team is accomplished in addressing every dimension of someone’s vision, and brining that vision to a reality by developing a website accordingly.

Unlike cheap freelancers, the work does not end for a professional website developer with just building a new website. Since the purpose of websites is to engage and keep the Internet users of today, these companies aim to build websites that are easy to navigate. They also pay equal attention to the important “backend” and programming code of a new website. They optimize websites for the major search engines, such as Bing and Google. Above all, their staff is customer service focused so additional support and training is also provided by them whenever needed.

Sure it hiring a cheap freelance website developer may save money initially, but the results would never be up to the mark. For the best quality rests, spending a bit more to hire an experience and professional website design and web development company would be a wise decision that would save money in the long run.

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